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  • 2019 ERPG/WEEL Handbook


    This ERPG/WEEL Handbook was developed to complement documentation provided in the AIHA® Guideline Foundation’s Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG®), and the Workplace Environmental Exposure Levels (WEEL®). ERPGs® are designed as a tool to assist environmental, health, and safety professionals in the development of emergency response strategies for protecting workers and the general public against the harmful effects of specific chemicals and substances. WEELs® concentrate on maintaining workplace exposure of certain chemicals below levels that would harm employees. Each ERPG® and WEEL®, with only a few exceptions, is devoted to one chemical or substance. In this Handbook, there is an explanation on how ERPGs® and WEELs® can be applied by health professionals. In addition, instructions are available for persons wishing to contribute to the ERPG® or WEEL® development process. The Handbook is arranged in two sections: one devoted to ERPG® and one to WEEL®. In addition to background information, there are lists of all currently available guides in both series, plus candidate ERPGs® and WEELs® and lists of those chemicals being studied for future guides.

    Stock Number: AEAH18-559