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  • Important Instrumentation and Methods for the Detection of Chemicals in the Field, 2nd edition


    The ability to rapidly detect chemicals and unsafe conditions related to the composition of workplace atmospheres has been pursued for well over one hundred years. A number of well-known and accepted detection systems have been developed and refined over the years –often applied to the detection of conditions associated with acute hazards, for which time-weighted average sampling may not be protective. In addition, real-time detection instruments and systems are also available to supplement the assessment of exposures related to chronic health effects, for which time-weighted average sampling is highly relevant. Most practicing industrial hygienists and safety professionals are familiar with these exposure assessment tools, but often do not fully appreciate the capabilities and limitations of specific detection technologies. In addition to the time-tested detection tools available to us, new compact and highly capable field analysis systems exist, and improvements continue to be made to reduce the size, complexity, and cost of such systems. The fusion of old and new capabilities is changing the state-of-the-art for exposure assessment, and a firm understanding of the available field detection and exposure measurement tools is critical to the ability of industrial hygienists and allied professionals to properly fill their roles in protecting human health.

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