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  • IAQ & HVAC Workbook, 5th edition [Jeff Burton Book]


    Written in simple, understandable terms, the IAQ and HVAC Workbook’s 25 chapters cover an overview of IAQ issues, investigation techniques, management of IAQ, management control strategies, air contaminants, and how building air handling systems work. Additionally, air behavior and principles of ventilation, fans, air intakes, HVAC ductwork, testing, commissioning, and troubleshooting HVASC systems are discussed. Readers will learn how to read plans and specifications, as well as the application of the latest version of ASHRAE 62, standards and codes. Government activities and how to handle non-standard conditions are also presented. The Appendix provides 7 charts, 9 forms, 28 checklists, references, a glossary and the index.

    Stock Number: IVES17-690